The Worst War in History

READ: Romans 5:1-21

Our history as human beings is plagued with wars. Wars have been fought between governments and rulers in an attempt to gain power and to have others removed from power. Many of the wars we see in our not so distance past have been fought for the advancement of both civil and religious liberties. However, are you aware of the longest war ever fought since the creation of the world? It is the war between God and man.

In Paul’s letter to the Romans, we can see that God and man were in an intense war against each other. Much has been preached about how Adam’s sin has affected the entire human population, but very little is said about the war that sin has caused between God and man. Paul tells us that there was a time when humanity was God’s enemies (Romans 5:10, NASB). The brother of Jesus also questions if people are aware of the fact that their love of pleasure, self and worldliness causes “hostility” toward God (James 3:4, NASB). The hostility that James is speaking of is in the context of a heated battle between two opposing forces; in this case those forces are God and man. Man is sure to lose this fight.

“But God…” God called a “cease fire” on the war between Him and man when He sent His Son Jesus to die in the place of His enemy. Again, Paul says that it was while we were the enemies of God that He reconciled us to Himself by letting Jesus die in the battle (Romans 5:10, NASB). God put Jesus on the front line during the most intense war ever to be fought that He might die in the place of man so that the war would end! Thanks to Jesus’ obedient life and death Paul says that we can now be at peace with God and counted as righteous (Romans 5:1, NASB).

As we move closer to our spiritual “Memorial Day,” let us remember that because Jesus went to the cross you and I could stop fighting with God and enjoy a beautiful and peaceful relationship with Him. God’s love for us is tremendous! While we were His enemies He showed that He loved us by calling a “cease fire” through the death of His Son. If you are reading this and you have not waved the white flag of surrender and submitted to the authority of Jesus, do so today. God wants to live in peace with you. If you continue to fight against Him you will surely lose the war.

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