Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

       To begin, this is one of the most difficult discussions to have with somebody; it’ is also a question that most people have trouble answering for themselves as well. I will say this though, while I cannot recommend a book that deals with this specific subject, I do know that the Bible gives us a pretty clear picture about why these things happen and where God is in all of it.

1 Tim. 2:1-4; God wants all men saved.

Ezek. 18:20-32; God does not get enjoyment out of people dying.

These two verses really speak to the love that God has for ALL people: men, women, and especially children. A lot of the problem with the question, “why do bad things happen to good people?” has to do with people focusing on the problem and not on God. What about all of the good stuff that happens in a persons life? What do we do with that? Does God not get credit for that? Will we only give Him credit for what goes wrong in our world? Also, what makes us think that we are good anyway? This is also a huge problem.

We have a heavy tendency to judge ourselves by the good we have done and then to say, “I’m a good person!” The Bible tells us that “none are good” (Rom. 3:10-18, 23), the reason that none are good is because sin has corrupted ourselves and our worlds. Until Christ returns to gather those who belong to Him, we will have to suffer with the pains of a fallen world. In Romans 8:18-23 it talks about how sin has caused the entire world to be in suffering until the day that Jesus redeems us from this sinful world, until we are resurrected in the end. The fact of the matter is this, not all people love God or care about the things that God cares about and for that reason they do things contrary to what God commands. When rebellious people do rebellious things against a loving God He displays His disapproval by letting them have their own way – which is destructive –  and sometimes innocent bystanders get hit by a stray bullet due to the choices of these rebellious people (Rom. 1:18-32). I know – IT SUCKS, but the good thing is that through faith in Christ we can have our sins TOTALLY wiped away and live for a home beyond the boundaries of this earth. God loves children and He is taking great care of them and He will do the same for us – if we love Him and obey Him! I hope that this helps you. I know that the best book to answer these questions (in my opinion) is the Bible. If we want to learn out about God, lets read His biography.


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