Salvation Comes With an Expectation

God has an expectation of you!


ISAIAH 5:1-7, NASB     

In this passage, Isaiah is found singing a song about his Well-beloved (God) and His vineyard (Israel). He sings about how his Well-beloved has lovingly, patiently and carefully provided such things as the vineyard needed so that it would produce good grapes. The rocks are removed along with the weeds and briars. A wall is built up around it to protect it from outside intruders and then He plants His vineyard using the best of the best vines to insure that He receives good grapes in return. The only problem is that instead of producing good grapes the vineyard produced wild and worthless grapes.     

To deal with the problem of His unfulfilled expectation, the Well-beloved (God) vows to remove the wall that was to protect the vineyard from intruders. He is also going to stop giving attention to the vineyard and He is going to let it get overgrown with briars and weeds. He will not water it and as a result of this it will – as it choose to do – be a fruitless vineyard. At the end of this song Isaiah tells us that this song is about the House of Israel. Isaiah tells us also that when God looked for justice, He found oppression. When He looked for righteousness, He found a cry for help.     

This song is very similar to how many of us live our lives today. God, in His tender love and care for us as a people overgrown with sin, comes into our lives and removes our heart of stone replacing it with a heart of flesh. Then, pulling up the weeds and the briars which choke out the word of God that has been planted in our hearts He expects us to live a life that is pleasing to Him, one that brings Him glory. However, instead of meeting God’s expectation by producing a good crop, we produce worthless and wild grapes. We choose to do the opposite of what God requires of us. The funny thing is that this is not the worst of it.   

Again, Isaiah tells us that God looks for justice only to find oppression and that He looks for righteousness, only to find a cry of distress. The words used for justice and oppression are very similar in spelling, as are the words for righteousness and distress. God says, “I wanted mish-pawt’ (justice), but you gave me mis-pawkh’ (oppression). I wanted tsed-aw-kaw’ (righteousness), but you gave me tsah-ak-aw’ (a cry of distress). This is exactly how we treat God. Not only are we not willing to meet His expectations by living a life that is holy and glorifying to Him, but we will do the opposite of what God has required of us and say, “See! I gave you what You asked for!” We are calling evil good and calling good evil!   

God has an expectation of you Christian! He has saved you, equipped you and filled you to the uttermost so that your life is glorifying to Him as He uses you in this world to save others from this world and its entrapments. Be on your guard! Jesus said that every branch which is in Him that does not produce fruit will be cut off and thrown into the fire (John 15:1-8, NASB). So, make good use of those gifts and talents that God has given you and honor Him with your life.


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