Have Peace with God

Joshua 10:28-43

I.        The author tells the reader of the several battles that Joshua and the Israelites fought and how they handled each new battle in a very similar manner. Joshua did to the southern Canaanite kingdoms and their kings what he also did to Jericho and its king.

   Q1   : What was it that Joshua did to Jericho and its king (see Joshua 6:21)?

   Q2   : What might be the connection between the cities mentioned in this chapter and Jericho?

  • “it is likely that peace was offered to this city, and that the extermination of the inhabitants was in consequence of the rejection of this offer” (italics mine)[1].
  • These kings and cities had an opportunity to stand with God, but they chose instead to stand against God.

    Q3   : In what way can/do we have peace with God (see Romans 5:1)?

    Q4   : How does knowing that God wants peace with you affect you personally?

    Q5   : How does or should our peace with God affect our relationships with others, especially with the people of God (see Romans 12:17, 18; Hebrews 12:14)?


Joshua 11:1-15

I.        In this section we find that just as the southern kingdoms of Canaan conspired to fight against Israel, so do the northern kingdoms. The first five verses tell us that out of fear, Jabin king of Hazor solicited help from the surrounding kingdoms and they all set themselves up as enemies of Israel – ultimately as enemies of God. In verse six there is a contrast. The kings are going to fight against Israel BUT God will fight against the kings.

    Q1   : In what way do the actions of the southern and northern Canaanite kingdoms represent a person’s freedom to choose?

    Q2   : What are some pros and cons to having this freedom?


Joshua 11:16-23

I.        This section of Joshua 11 draws the reader’s attention to the completion of the Lord’s commandment to Moses (Numbers 33:50-53). What we find here is that Joshua is a faithful leader. Trusting God and obeying, these two actions alone are the cause of the Israelite victories over their enemies (1 John 5:4) Something the author mentions that be of some concern is that God “hardened their hearts” causing the kingdoms to fight against Israel (Joshua 11:20).

    Q1    : What does the author mean by stating that God “hardened their hearts”?

II.    Harden is defined as to strengthen or increase. To make stronger or more intense[2].

  • God’s hardening the hearts of evil men does not exonerate or excuse their wickedness and rebellion. It just means that when a human being has morally rejected God’s claim upon his life and persists in a course of wickedness, that God retaliates against that person by “hardening” or “darkening” his heart, thus enabling the wicked one to walk in the way he has chosen without further restraint (see Romans 1:18-32)[3].

 III. So then, the thing to remember is that we each have the ability to choose God or not. This is not to say that we are in anyway in control of our salvation. This is also not to say that we can come to God whenever we are ready – as if we get to decide when we are saved. In His sovereignty God has allowed us the great privilege of exercising our “free-will.” It is the grace of God that has brought salvation to us through the Lord Jesus Christ and what this grace teaches us is that we must make the choice each day and moment to live holy lives (Titus 2:11-15, NKJV). Having peace with God depends, in part, on our making the right choice about God and our salvation. God is standing ready to fight for you, so choose Him and have the victory.

[1] Clarke, Adam. “Commentary on Joshua 6”. “The Adam Clarke Commentary”. <http://www.studylight.org/com/acc/view.cgi?book=jos&chapter=006&gt;. 1832.

[2] (Brown, Driver, Briggs and Gesenius. “Hebrew Lexicon entry for Chazaq”. “The Old Testament Hebrew Lexicon”. .).

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2 thoughts on “Have Peace with God

  1. Tré, this makes me want to be in your class–and listen to the discussion (learn the answers 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement to choose God!

  2. Good job babe! I used this as my bible study this morning. God has been teaching me about peace lately, so when I opened up your blog…I thought, “Of course it’s about peace.” It’s cool how God connects things like that. Love you!

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