God of All Comforts

Chapter 1:1-2:4

The idea here is that in hard times, trials and sufferings God comforts us. That God does comfort us during these times is for our good so that He can use us to comfort others in similar trials and sufferings.

  • Father of mercies
    • By this the apostle means that if there is any mercy to be had it comes from God who is the “source” of mercies. Contrast this with the fact that Satan is the “father” of lies (John 8:44, NKJV).
  • Comfort/consolation
    • From the Greek paráklēsis meaning “the act of calling toward or hither to help, begging, and also of exhortation, encouragement toward virtue.”
  • Abound
    • To superabound, be in excess, make more, exceed, be the better, enough and to spare.

What I see

  • v.5 – what I see here is that as our sufferings increase (abound, superabound, excel) so does the comfort that we receive from God. Jesus assured us that we would have trouble in this life, but we are not to worry because He has overcome the world (John 16:33, NKJV). Because He has overcome the world He is capable of comforting us in our trials with enough comfort to spare so that He may equip us to comfort others.

One thought on “God of All Comforts

  1. The phrase that hit my heart was “with enough comfort to spare” (so that He may equip us to comfort others.) How wonderful to know!

    I have known the phrase that God will abundantly supply our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus, but hadn’t before thought of “comfort in suffering” as a need He will abundantly supply.

    Thanks for your teaching!

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