A Study of Matthew’s Gospel (1:18-2:23)


I. Touched by an Angel

Pre-birth (1:18-25)

  1. What sort of connection is there between the women mentioned in Jesus’ genealogy and Mary, Jesus’ mother?
  2. Verse 20ff begins a contrast in events and ideas. What are the events and ideas in verses 18 & 19 that are being contrasted in verse 20ff?
  3. Matthew points out that Joseph was a “righteous man.” Do you see this in any way connected to Joseph’s decision or the angel’s intervention?

Post-birth (2:1-23)

  1. As we read through these first two chapters it is interesting that the angels always speak to Joseph and never to Mary, even in the case of her conceiving. In Luke’s gospel however, it is just the opposite. Why does Matthew not have the angels address Mary – only Joseph?
  2. Matthew seems to repeatedly make mention of the fulfillment of prophecy in his gospel record (1:22; 2:5, 15, 17, 23). Why is it important – from Matthew’s perspective – that his audience realizes that the occurrences mentioned are prophecy fulfillments?

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