A Study of Matthew’s Gospel (4:17-5:2)

I.  The Start of Ministry

Transfer of Ministry (4:17)

  1. “From the time” signifies the beginning of
    Jesus’ earthly ministry. Just as John preached repentance in preparation of the
    kingdom of heaven, so does Jesus. Do you see John’s imprisonment, in anyway,
    connected to the beginning of Jesus’ ministry?
  2. It is interesting that in this section of
    scripture Jesus does not go to the people – they come to Him. He either commands
    that they come (4:19-22) or they come in response to what they have heard about
    Him (4:24-25). Does this fit Matthew’s depiction of Jesus as a king?
  3. Notice the immediacy of the people’s response to
    Jesus. What does (can) this tell us about Jesus and His gospel?

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