If I Must Choose

Today, while preparing to donate plasma, I was presented with two very tempting offers. For donating my plasma I could either have the blood bank make a monetary donation in my name to a charity OR I could have an ice scraper. A charitable donation in my name OR an ice scraper. Who exactly is in charge of putting the choices together? Did they really think about this? So, they wanted to give their donors a second chance to make a difference by donating to charity, but then, if donors did not want to do that (the devils) they could have something of LESSER or EQUAL value. I’d say that they went for the LESSER value.

As I sat there thinking about how incompatible the two options were, I still found myself struggling to decide. I could continue to invest in someone elses life and champion a worthy cause – which seems like the sensible thing to do – or I could have an ice scraper. It is getting pretty cold here. Wait, they want to give to charity in my name? That seems like the noble thing to do, but isn’t my plasma donation heroic enough for one day? And besides, what am I to do when my car is frosted over and I can’t see out of the window? Borrow my neighbor’s ice scraper when I could have had my own?

Anyway, I must make a choice. Even if I don’t choose I’m still choosing so I want to make the most beneficial choice at this juncture. I’ll take the ice scraper.

Your thoughts here

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