Are you expecting?

“Are you expecting?” That’s what people want to know if they think that a woman might be pregnant.

CAVEAT: If you aren’t 110% sure that a woman is pregnant – DO NOT ask here if she is. You have been warned!

Expectation is that delicate and crucial period between conception and delivery. It marks the time beginning with the implantation of the male seed into the female egg ending with the maturation of the two which culminates with the birth of a child.

Are you expecting?

In much the same way, our expectations about life are formed. Our expectations begin with an idea – the seeds of productivity, success, fruitfulness, and yes – even failure. At this time of year especially minds overflow with expectation. Little kids are making their lists and checking them twice “expecting” to receive what they have listed. Some girlfriends are “expecting” their boyfriends to finally get that diamond that they have always wanted. But again, these expectations lie within the creases of idea and realization.

Are you expecting?

Within the “creases” are the delicate and crucial events which aid in the actualizing of ideas and expectations. What are you doing to help make your dreams come to life? For the kid at Christmas and the woman waiting on her proposal, what they do in the creases will help to determine if their dreams become reality. The same is true for you and me. From the time that we first think about doing something or having something what we do in the remainder of our time until our dreams come to life will have a profound effect on whether or not our expectations are met.

What are you expecting?

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