Take your marks!

Take your marks!” That is what officials yell during track meets to alert runners to prepare for the challenge ahead of them. Those words address two very important issues. One is ownership or possession and the other is positioning. Both of these words are vitally important for the runner and they are almost equally important for non-runners.

“Your” draws our attention to the very things which we possess, the things which we have control over or ownership of. “Your” tells us to focus in on what belongs to us and it also tells us that there are some things that we should have no concern for. “Mark” tells us where to place our concerns. It tells us where our concerns lie and from which position to start. The word “mark” helps us identify the place of beginnings.

In this New Year, today is your mark. You have ownership of today; not tomorrow. You have control over today; not tomorrow. In order to get to where you would like to be this year – no matter where that place is – you have to start from this mark. Your resolution begins today. Achieving your goals begins today. Today is your mark – take it!


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