Rage against the machines

JUDGES 6:25-32

What we find in this passage is common even today. Joash is wise. Why do we spend so much unnecessary time fighting for a system that is defeated to begin with? Jehovah has no need that we defend Him; He can defend Himself. Oftentimes we backup systems, ideals, causes, and the like which are founded on faulty principles and very unstable ground. If the false gods were real in the first place they wouldn’t need anyone to fight for them. Because Jehovah really is God He can fight His own battles; He doesn’t need us to fight them for Him, He just wants us to be willing to fight the false ideologies in our own lives. The ideologies that try to get us off track and onto some make-believe fantasy which will sidetrack us from trusting in the one and true God. Rage against those machines.

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