Spirit & Truth

To worship God in spirit and truth means that we must come to God on a spiritual level without pretense, or hypocrisy. To say that we must come to God on a spiritual level is not to say that we cannot connect with God physically, emotionally, or intellectually, but that what we are to know of God comes out of the spiritual and infiltrates all of our other senses. So then, worshipping God takes a spiritual connection.

In order for us to come to the place where we worship God spiritually, God must awaken our spirits. It is then that we are able to relate, connect, and worship God out of a spiritual place and not one of intelligence, emotion, or the physical condition. Once this happens, we are prepared to worship God in truth.

We can worship God in truth because we have connected with Him as He is – spiritual. Because we connect with Him on a spiritual level, we then begin to understand how to worship Him so. The word “truth” tells us that we must worship honestly, openly, sincerely, and without pretense or hypocrisy. When we connect with God spiritually we begin to understand some of what it means to worship God that way. When God reveals Himself to us He includes His will and desires; not all at once, but gradually. God relates to us in truth and desires that we respond in kind. When He reveals Himself, He reveals that He wills for us to worship Him and how we are to worship Him. This is the spiritual and truthful worship of God.

2 thoughts on “Spirit & Truth

  1. Good thoughts. I like to think of Spirit and Truth in this way. God is Spirit (ultimate/pure/perfect/unseen). Truth is all the things there are to know about Him. Truth reveals Him, His nature and His purpose. Truth is His heart…so to speak. And since it is our spirit made in His image (not our dust bodies) what acknowledges and responds to HIm, we communicate spirit to Spirit. And once we Know him (as in ‘flesh and blood did not reveal this but my Father which is in heaven)….worship is the only response!!!! And it most likely will take the visible form of servitude, of prefering others before self, of loving neighbor as self, of keeping the commandments, of visiting the widows and orophans in their affliction, and of toning our loud mouths down to a quiet and meek yea or nea :).

    🙂 Don’t think I was able to explain that the way my heart knows it.

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