1 Corinthians 1:26-29

This weekend my wife and I watched the movie “Moneyball” which stars Brad Pitt as the GM of a losing Oakland A’s professional baseball team. As we watched this movie I couldn’t help but notice how,  eventhough I am not a professional athlete, this movie does parallel my life and the life of so many who have experienced the awesome privilege of being picked by God.
In this movie Brad Pitt makes some surprising substitutions to his roster. Instead of keeping his highest paid “allstars”, the players who are known for their athletic skill, he decides to go with some no name, underrated, out of shape, and elderly players whom no other team wants. As a matter-of-fact, teams are paying the A’s to take these players. With this new line up the A’s go on a 20 game winning streak after being completely written off by every analysis, every other ball club, and even by their own staff.
Just like the A’s, Christians get overlooked and tossed aside by society, government, friends, cooperations, and even family because we don’t fit the bill; because we are associated with an uncharacteristic team. Thanks to a God who doesn’t follow the status quo, a God who goes against the grain by picking the weak, foolish, and least-likely to succeed, as Christians, we are on a winning streak that will continue for all time. Unlike the Oakland A’s who didn’t win the last game of the season, Christians everywhere can breath a sigh of relief knowing that God has guaranteed us the final victory!

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