Freedom of Choice


For centuries Christians have argued the sovereignty of God and whether or not people have a choice when it comes to salvation. Without getting into the various sides of the arguments, I think that the Bible expressly supports one’s freedom to choose God OR not choose God. 

Today, as I was reading Say Yes to God by Kay Warren, I began to think about Mary’s role in God’s plan to save humanity. Here is this young girl, a virgin, who God selects to be the natural mother of Jesus. How God the Father plans to accomplish this is by using the Holy Spirit God to impregnate young Mary before she has sex with any human-being. This is to be a miracle.

What if Mary had said no? Then what?

Now, let’s use our heads for just a second and think about what this means. If Mary did not have a choice in the matter and God – despite Mary’s refusal to take part in this eternally life altering pregnancy – goes through with His plan to give Mary a child, I think that we could honestly call what God did – RAPE. I mean think about it, what do we tell people nowadays? No means no, right? Well, if Mary says no and she turns up pregnant anyway then we can say that she was raped! Is God a rapist? Absolutely not! The immaculate conception was a consensual act. Mary agreed with God that she would carry the Messiah. Her acceptance of God’s plan and faith in His sovereignty proves that she had a choice in the matter.

That Mary could choose whether or not to participate in the Lord’s divine plan of redemption, proves that humans have the freedom to accept God’s free gift of grace through faith in Jesus Christ or to refuse it. Today, the kingdom of God is before you. You, like so many others, have been presented with life and death. God desires that you choose life, but He also understands that you may choose death.

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