A Hill to Die On


How is it that homosexuality has become the hill that ALL Christians must die upon?

It’s happening everywhere! It’s happening everyday! Christians all over the U.S. are being drafted by self-professed progressive thinkers and Christians to fight in a war against homosexuality. The media gets wind of some stinkbomb that exploded on one side of the nation and they quickly report on it as if it was a W.M.D. or as if some poor and unsuspecting town just got nuked! Ala Duck Dynasty’s patriarch Phil Robertson. Then, with their hidden agendas showing like a dog’s tail poking out off an Italian suit, they ask the Christian what their thoughts are on this issue of homosexuality. Do they really want to know what Christians think about this issue? When Christians do speak up about what the Bible clearly says in opposition to homosexual behavior, they pretend as though they had no idea that the Bible emphatically opposes homosexuality and that God Himself (yes Him; not her) has labeled this lifestyle sinful and repulsive. Or, they say that Christians are being eisegetical when reading verses which speak against homosexual behavior.

To quote Seth Meyers – REALLY?!

Christians have personalized this war against homosexuality as well. In many churches, a Christian’s stance on this issue serves as a litmus test for whether they are truly Christian or not. As Christians all over this nation rush up this hill of homosexuality to publicly proclaim their allegiance to Jesus and devote themselves to martyrdom for this one sin, they neglect their own sins (Luke 18:10-13). They also neglect the call to show mercy (Matthew. 23:23-24). They neglect the stories of Jesus eating with sinners, and the fact that God desires His people to be merciful toward others, just as He is merciful to us (Matthew 9:10-13).

US – who cheat on our wives and husbands.

US – who lie to our neighbors.

US – who turn away the poor.

US – who cheat on our taxes.

US – who lust after another man’s wife or another woman’s husband.

US – who covet the Jones.

US – who feed ourselves sick during the holidays.

US – who spew racial venom while in circles of like-minded bigots.

US – the Church!

The Gospel of Jesus is a message of severity, but it is also a message of grace! However, grace is getting smothered by an incessant need to crucify the homosexual community. It sounds strange to some, but what the church must do is “love [her] neighbor as [herself].” Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before.

Ask yourself Christian, how would you respond if you were constantly beat down for being a homosexual? Would you want to be part of a community who singles you out as theological enemy #1? Would you feel cared for by those who neglect their own failures for the joy of highlighting yours? I don’t think so! It’s time to get the log out of our own eyes so that we can see more clearly to get the speck out of the eyes of the homosexual community (Matthew 7:1-5). This is not a hill to die on.

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