I’ll make this quick.

As you start your work week today I want to challenge you with a few observations from Nehemiah chapter 2.

This week, let’s focus on three (3) things:

  1. Let’s BE BOLD in our requests (Hebrews 4:16). Let’s believe God for BIG things like Nehemiah did and let’s seek God about what those things are (2:1-8).
  2. Let’s TAKE NOTICE of the ruined and broken places around us this week (2:9-16). What places or people need to be restored? What needs to be redeemed?
  3. Let’s ENLIST OTHERS to share in God’s work of redemption and restoration (2:17-20).

God has called His Church to be a light to the world city set on hilltop. Our world needs to see God as He is. The presence of God is in the people of God, He is using us to reveal Himself to a world in darkness!


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